Site Map & Campground Rules

Sebago's Crooked River Site Map

Sebago’s Crooked River Campground is a family campground and, as such, we strive to provide and maintain a campground where you and your family can relax, enjoy your time together and make memories that will last a lifetime. In order for everyone to have a great camping experience here, we ask your cooperation with the following:

Camping Season - The Rent season for 2024 is May 12th - October 13th.

Seasonal Rent Cost - The full, up-front seasonal rent cost is $4,600.00 + 9% tax payable ($5,014.00) in advance by check by August 15th, 2023, or scheduled payments through Square by a credit card on file, with a 3.5% transaction fee and 15 cent auto-tip Square charge per card transaction added. If not paid in full by May 1st, 2024, we reserve the right to keep $550 for the cost of winter storage. Cash is not accepted, unless tax is accounted for in cash payment.

Deposits - If not paying in full up-front, a non-refundable deposit of $1,500.00 is due on August 15th, 2023; balance divided into 8 monthly payments from September 15th to April 15th. If not paid in full by May 1st, 2024, we reserve the right to keep $550 for the cost of winter storage. Cash is not accepted, unless tax is accounted for in cash payment.

Quiet Hours - Reasonable quiet time is expected from 10:00 PM to 8:00 AM.

Seasonal Boat Slip - Seasonal boat slips must be reserved before the start of the season and paid by opening day (May 15th). The cost for a seasonal boat slip is $1,000.00. Cash is not accepted.

Docks - Docks are provided for slip renters. Campers not associated with a dock renter are prohibited from docks. Fishing is allowed from docks, so long as those fishing are not disruptive to boaters. Seasonal Sites Seasonal sites are not rented to any person under the age of 21, nor are sites to be occupied without an adult (over the age of 21) present.

Seasonal Boat Storage - Seasonal boat storage is $350.00 per season and located in designated storage lot/area. Boats are not to be kept on campsites unless given permission, and we will ask that they either be moved into storage or off-grounds if we see them on site for a sustained period of time. This applies for jet skis as well. Cash is not accepted.

Subleasing - Subleasing your site is not permissible.

RVs / Campers - Any new seasonal camper model must be approved by Adam or Brian.

Selling of RVs - If you are planning to sell your RV, it must be removed from your site and cannot be sold on campground property. Selling your RV will not equate to site transfer / transfer of a lease to the respective buyer as those on the seasonal waitlist will get priority in obtaining the effectively vacant site. The previous owner’s / owners’ lease is null and void following the sale of their RV. If we are made aware of a camper being advertised for sale on our grounds, we reserve the right to terminate your contract / lease and keep your deposit and you will not be entitled to any refund.

Electronic Gate System - Sebago’s Crooked River Campground is a secure community that offers an operative electronic gate system as a means of entry, exit, and for the security of our valued seasonals. The system to enter the campground is powered by a sensor that is activated by your gate card. Once the gate is lifted, it remains open until your vehicle has passed through. Only one car/truck, one car/truck towing a trailer/pop-up/5th wheel, or one motorcycle can pass through the gate at one time. If you attempt to pass more than one vehicle of any type through the gate at one time, you are putting yourself, the other party, and the vehicle(s) at risk of being harmed. Sebago’s Crooked River Campground is not responsible for any harm or damage caused by the electronic gate system to your person or party from the result of misuse AND if we are able to discern who is responsible for damage on camera, proof will be provided and the vehicle operator will be responsible to pay for reparations.

Gate Access Cards - Gate access cards are required for convenient, assistance-free entry and require a $60 refundable security deposit per card which will be returned if they are surrendered following the end of the season, or forfeited if the card is lost. Cards will be deactivated following each seasonal departure at the end of the camping season (Oct. 15th), though we encourage all guests to hold on to their cards over the off-season if they are returning so that they do not have to provide a security deposit at the beginning of next season.

Gate Security - In conjunction with myQ Business, the system’s electronic touch screen is video-monitored 24 hours, 7 days a week for security and liability purposes, and all recorded entries are reviewed following the end of each day. If campers are found to have violated any rules on video such as using vendor codes or giving guests entry access by providing them with key cards, a fine will be assessed to their customer account to reflect the guest charges evaded and they will face further discipline following any further violation.

Guest Rules - All guests must check in at the office window, or must call and check in using the gate system key pad (must call “Adam’s Cell”). For security, liability, and insurance purposes, we require all guests to fill out a liability waiver before entry, we must be provided with the site number and / or last name of who they are visiting, and they will then be given a pass to display in their vehicle. All visitors’ vehicles are to be parked on the site they are visiting, with passes displayed. A guest may not enter until having paid the entry cost and if they do not wish to pay, they will be asked to turn around and leave. Campers ARE NOT permitted to grant access to guests using their gate cards and will face immediate action if they are recorded as doing so (see Gate Security, above). Any vehicle found on campground property without a pass, or any guest who enters without having checked in at the front office will be in violation of the rules and will be asked to leave. All day visitors must be off the grounds by 8:00 PM, while overnight visitors must be off the grounds by 11:00 AM the following day - or, may check in again and pay the fee for that day. Visitors also cannot bring dogs.

Guest Rates -
Day rate (ages 5 and up): $10.00 per person
Overnight rate (ages 5 and up): $15.00 per person

Electric Meters / Monthly Charges - Credit cards must now be on file for electric bills. Seasonal sites will have their meters read on the 15th of each month of the camping season. Invoices will be completed the next day and cards will be run for payment accordingly. If your card is declined, you will be asked to provide a check within a 15-day window and if the balance due is unpaid after those 15 days, we maintain the ability and rights to restrict access to the property and will therefore deactivate your key cards. For every 30 days an electric bill is unpaid, an additional 20% Late Fee will be due towards the originally billed amount. If paid on the day invoices are created, campers may pay by check as long as Adam and Brian are made aware.

Grey Water - State Law prohibits the discharge of grey water (sink/shower) or black water (sewage) per order Board of Health.

Speed Limit - The speed limit within the campground is 5 MPH. Please drive slowly when entering and through the campground for the safety of children at play as well as fellow renters and their pets.

Swimming - There are NO lifeguards on duty at the beach or pool. Swimming is at your own risk. The pool opens at 9:30 AM and closes at dusk. Small children must be accompanied and supervised by an adult at the beach, and anyone under age 16 must have adult supervision at the pool facility. If you are injured while breaking any of the rules, our insurance policy will not cover you. We require swim diapers and/or waterproof pants for infants and toddlers who are not potty trained. Absolutely no diving is allowed at either location. If injured diving, we are not responsible.

Children - Parents are responsible for the behavior and welfare of their children. Small children must be accompanied by an adult when using any campground facilities.

Playground - The playground is open from 8:00 AM to dark. For safety reasons, children are not allowed in the playground after dark. We ask that parents ensure that children play in a safe manner while at the playground. The playground equipment is for small children, please.

Pets - Pets must be leashed at all times. It is the owner’s responsibility to clean up waste after their pet, this includes in front of the park by the road. All pets must be registered and have current copies of rabies certificates on file at the office. Pets are not to be left unattended at any time. If pets are a nuisance to other guests, owners will be asked to remove them from the park. Any animal that demonstrates aggressive behavior to persons or other pets will be required to leave the park immediately.

Campfires - All of our fireplaces have been carefully located for safety and may not be moved. Campfires must be confined to the fireplace and should be kept small. Fires must be completely out when leaving the campsite or retiring for the evening. Please do not burn garbage.

Firewood - Large quantities of firewood are to be stored behind trailers and deliveries of wood can only be made if Adam or Brian is made aware of the intent beforehand - if not, the deliverer will not be granted access and therefore will not be able to make a delivery. You may not cut or trim trees on your site. Please purchase locally. Maine prohibits bringing wood in from other states, which can carry harmful insects and diseases.

Trees / Limbs - Please DO NOT cut, nail, strap or damage any trees, limbs or vegetation on the park grounds. If you would like a tree or limb removed, please let Adam or Brian know.

Decks / Sheds - In ordinance with the town of Casco, sites located in the river buffer area (Sites 13 - 20) are NOT permitted to have a deck and or shed. These sites cannot have crushed stone patios in adherence to rules put in place by the State of Maine’s Department of Environmental Protection. Sites not mentioned above shall not exceed a deck size greater than the square foot area of the camper. Manufactured sheds are permitted up to 8'x10' in size and placed to the back of the trailer once approved by management. Decks and sheds require a building permit by the town of Casco code enforcement office.

Bike Riding - Bike riding within the campground is a privilege that can be revoked. Bike riding must be done in a safe manner, and children under age 16 should have safety helmets (state law). No bike riding allowed on the beach, on the pavilion, or after dark in the campground. Please use bike racks at the recreation hall and beach area.

Prohibited - The following equipment is not allowed in our campground: Mini-bikes, mopeds, all-terrain vehicles, drones, go-karts of any size, skateboards, rollerblades, and children’s motorized vehicles. The campground management reserves the right to deny use of any vehicle it deems to be unsafe, excessively noisy, or bothersome to other campers. FIREWORKS, FIREARMS, OTHER WEAPONS, AND ILLEGAL SUBSTANCES ARE PROHIBITED ON CAMPGROUND PROPERTY.

Ejections - If you are ejected from the park, it is effective immediately and permanently. Your property will have to be removed by others at your expense. Grounds for ejection include, but are not limited to: multiple rule violations, refusal or failure to pay forward unpaid dues by their due date, sexual misconduct, disrespect / inappropriate behavior towards campers, or lying to owners. Upon ejection, your contract will be null and void, and you will not be entitled to a refund of the money you’ve paid for the season. We reserve the right to terminate your contract / lease. If the person ejected is a guest, they will not be allowed back on our grounds.

Personal Property Tax - Yearly seasonal campers are responsible for the town of Casco personal property tax on unregistered units. Site rent renewals will not be allowed if PPT tax is not current. Please be sure to contact the assessor’s office at 207-627-4515 (extension 202) or to get this squared away or if you have any further questions.

Site Appearance - Guests must maintain a clean site free of clothes lines or visible trash, and only green tarps are allowed.

Grass / Site maintenance - Cutting of grass in front of the sites is maintained by the management to a degree of acceptable distance (10 feet); however, campers are responsible for cutting and weed whacking the immediate area (the 10 feet not covered) around their trailers. To maintain a campground appearance, only camp related items are permitted on the site. If our staff has to maintain or clean the site, there will be a fee of $25.00.

Snow Removal - Crooked River Campground is not responsible for snow or snow removal. We recommend you monitor the snowfall and clean your camper based on manufacturer’s recommendation. If we notice any problems we will notify you; however, during winter months we are not on the grounds full time. If you plan to check on your camper during winter months, please notify us so that we know who is on the grounds.

Trash - The dumpster is for household type trash only. DO NOT throw away grills, camper covers, boat covers, lawn chairs, metal, etc. All cardboard boxes must be broken down.

Golf Carts - Carts are permitted for use by licensed drivers only. Any unlicensed driver may only operate a golf cart if they are accompanied by an adult, will be assessed a $5.00 charge to their customer account for a first offense, $10.00 for a second offense, and will no longer be permitted to have a golf cart on-site after a third offense. Please do not operate carts after dusk without proper headlights. All carts must be insured and liability waivers must be completed; please provide a certificate of insurance naming Crooked River Campground Inc. as additionally insured. Golf carts are not allowed beyond the sign at the river. Slip renters may load and unload and then park in a non-obstructing area.

Smoking and Marijuana Usage - For the comfort of all our customers, we do not permit smoking of any kind (cigarettes, e-cigarettes, marijuana) inside the pool, bathhouse, laundry room, and beach, and we discourage it inside the pavilion though it is allowed outside. We ask that you be courteous of others when smoking elsewhere on our grounds, and PLEASE do not discard cigarette butts on the ground. Marijuana use is not prohibited in the campground as it is now legal in Maine and many other states; however, in the interests of maintaining a family atmosphere, marijuana must only be used in a controlled fashion at campers’ own respective discernment.

Parties / Events - The recreational hall is available to seasonal campers who would like to hold a small party or event on days when there is not a scheduled event. Parking is limited. Please contact the office for details or to secure a date.

Trash Disposal - Dumpsters are located by the wellhouse and laundry and are intended for the disposal of household trash only. No large items will be accepted. Do not leave garbage on your campsite as it will attract animals.

Sebago’s Crooked River Campground wants to ensure that you have a memorable camping experience with us. Please contact the office at 207-655-6652 with any questions or concerns. In an emergency, please contact the office for assistance or call 911. The phone number for the Bridgton Hospital is 207-647-6000.